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Hamilton Kettle 1500 G (5000 L) sanitary reactor, 316 SS.

STOCK # 8371


Rated 50psi/FV @ 281F internal, 150psi/FV @300F jacket. Dimple jacket is 304SS on shell and bottom head. Vessel is 6'4" diameter x 5'7" straight side w/welded dished top, slight cone bottom, 0.25" thick side wall, 0.220" thick top head & 0.218" thick bottom head. Vessel and jacket are insulated and covered with a SS shroud. Openings include: Top (1) 18" manway w/bolted cover on hinge w/sight glass, (1) 6" center w/sanitary flange, (2) 2" w/sanitary flanges, 1" with SF and Bottom (1) 3" center outlet with SF. Mounted on 4 legs with weigh cells. Previously used for creams and lotions processing. Very good condition.
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