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About Us

Founded by Bill Sanders as a means of catering to cost-conscious industrial centrifuge users, Sanders Equipment Company is based in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA. Clients come from a variety of industries - chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, mining, environmental, marine, plastics, petroleum, manufacturing and others.

Our History

Mr. Sanders successfully completed the honors program in Business Administration at Western Illinois University (Macomb) in 1977, then served his country in the U.S. Navy as an Operations Specialist (USS Cushing DD-985 and USS Berkeley DDG-15, both homeported in San Diego, CA) until 1987.

Mr. Sanders spent the next five years working for Aaron Equipment Company (Bensenville, IL), perhaps the world's largest used process equipment dealer. His boss and mentor was his good friend Ken Kyte, a chemical engineer with a 12-year history at Sharples. His time was spent learning about centrifuge applications in a variety of process industries, as well as buying, selling and reconditioning centrifuges - decanters, high-speed disc separators, baskets, pushers, peelers, tubulars, Pods, Mercones and others.

With this extensive training behind him, and the full support of his family, Mr. Sanders decided it was time for a change. By late 1992 Sanders Equipment Company became a reality - an entrepreneurial dream come true.

In a deliberate effort to keep overhead to a minimum, Sanders Equipment Company has always been a home-based operation. From the start, Mr. Sanders determined to focus his efforts on meeting the needs of one niche market: cost-conscious centrifuge users - start-up companies with knowledgeable partners, but limited funds, and large firms that got that way by demanding the best value for their money. He found that, other than government projects, where municipal bonds provide million dollar budgets, most companies are very cost-conscious - and they realize that, just like a new car, a new centrifuge becomes a used centrifuge as soon as they take delivery of it.

The Good News

The major difference, Mr. Sanders notes, is that the centrifuge does not depreciate and become obsolete at the same rate as the automobile. If properly maintained, centrifuges can last for 40 or 50 years! New models do not come out each year and improvements are generally very minor. Computerized controls are probably the fastest changing component of the system - and can be upgraded independently.

What does all this mean to you?

Simply this: I have the ability to offer you the best price on a given used centrifuge - unless you have access to all my sources and suppliers. Even with search engines on the internet at your disposal, this is still highly unlikely. And as a small, dynamic company, I am able to offer personal service with an uncommon degree of thoroughness. I am a perfectionist with the highest ethical standards. Your satisfaction is my #1 goal - not making a sale. I work hard, because I love helping people. I hope you will give me the opportunity to serve you and your centrifuge needs - starting now and continuing for years to come.