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Alfa-Laval 12-15,000 LPH milk pasteurization and standardization line.

STOCK # 9773


Complete milk pasteurization and standardization line. Pasteurizer: Alfa Laval M10 / M6 / Alfast / SHL 20, balance tank with float, constant flow control unit, Alfa-Laval LKH 25/190 SSS 5.5 KW pump. Heat exchanger: Alfa-Laval M10-FMC, 10 bar pressure. Over-pressure system: ALC2 /110 7.5 KW booster pump and (3) E&H Cerabar pressure transmitters. Holding tubes 20 sec or 60 sec, temperature scheme milk: in 4°C to separators and homogenizer at approx. 60°C - 75°C -4°C. Skimmer: Alfa-Laval MRPX 614 HGV-74C-50, 22 KW motor, tools, OWM, LKH 112 FSS 5.5 KW inlet pump with flushed seal. Standardization unit: Tetra Alfast for milk and cream, including flow transmitters, valves, and control panel. Homogenizer: partial stream (all cream and part of skim milk is homogenized) 2 stage. Cream pasteurizer: temperature scheme: in 55°C - 85°C - 4°C. Plate heat exchanger: Alfa-Laval M6, 3000 LPH capacity. All cream in this line is pasteurized. The outlet of surplus cream is transported to a transport tank. Controls excluded. Includes all interconnecting piping and valves. Software available. 1992 vintage. Optional: Tetra-Pak BBRPX 714 HGV-34C Bactofuge with internal recirculation, 22 KW motor, OWM and set of tools. 1999 vintage. Excellent condition. FCA Europe.
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