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Ferrum DSZ-O 1250/630 ATEX perforate basket centrifuge, 316L SS.

STOCK # 10443


Max bowl speed 950 RPM, 630 x G, gas-tight design, max pressure 1.6 bar @ 120C, max load 480 kg, top unload, 22 KW XP motor 380/3/50/1485 RPM, sight glass, feed and wash pipes, hydraulic plow, Krauss-Maffei Titan cyclone cake discharge system, dryer suction fan rated @ 2880 CMPH with 30 KW XP motor, 630 L SS horizontal tank, solvent condenser, centrifugal pumps and 500 L SS jacketed product vessel. Entire system is sealed for solvent use. 1985 vintage. Very good condition. FCA Europe.
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