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(2) Alfa-Laval MAPX 313 TGT-24-60 biodiesel skids, 316SS.

STOCK # 9751


Max bowl speed 4000 RPM, rated @ 83 GPM, 4.5 gal sludge capacity, both liquid phases discharged under pressure, 20 HP XP motor 230/460/3/60/1760 RPM, feed pump, back pressure control valve, water harness, tools, manual and control panel. 650 G feed tank, 600 G light phase receiver and 400 G heavy phase receiver tank. 249 sqft shell and tube heat exchanger, 40 GPM Viking feed pump with 3 HP XP motor, 40 GPM light phase transfer and 5 GPM heavy phase transfer pump, control valves, instruments, safety devices, etc. Welded steel skid support structure to support centrifuges, heat exchangers, vessels, filters, pumps, piping, and instruments. All original drawings, engineering calculations, vessel drawings, ASME U-1A data reports, etc. Like new condition. The system was designed and constructed in 2014, but used only intermittently since. This equipment has been photographed, documented, tagged, disconnected, carefully removed, and is ready for immediate shipment.
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