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GEA Westfalia 60-100 TPD edible oil refinery.

STOCK # 10503


Used edible oil refinery built 2013 and shut down in 2017. Includes the following sections / equipment: – (3) GEA Westfalia separators (types RSE 90, RSE 170 and RTC 150) with combined capacity approximately 200 tons/day. – Desmet distillation, bleaching filter, deodorization. – Cooling towers, chillers, boilers, metal structure (which is reportedly simple to dismantle and reassemble again). – Steam generator with capacity 2500 kg/hour. – Reverse osmosis water treatment system. – (4) oil tanks (500,000 kg each), (2) have heating system and agitation. – (6) stainless steel tanks with capacity of 90,000 litres each for final product. – Vulcano Sadeca OMNIVAP 2.5 steam boiler with power 1,500,000 Kcal/h, steam 2,500 kg/h, pressure 13kg/cm3. Fueled by gasoil. The plant can refine oils with waxes (sunflower, corn, avocado) and oils without waxes (rapeseed, soya, olive), and the plant capacity depends on oil type. For standard oils with waxes capacity is approximately 60 tons/day. For oils without waxes the capacity is approximately 100 tons/day. Excellent condition. FCA Europe.
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