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Flottweg Z6E-4/454 (24 x 98) decanter centrifuge, 316SS.

STOCK # 10614


Max bowl speed 3000 RPM, 3116 x G, 620 x 2480 mm bowl ID, 15 degree beach angle. 14" single lead TC hardsurfaced conveyor and cake ports, feed tube and guard. This was a full hydraulic unit (main and back drive). The main drive hydraulic motor that mounts to the base is still there, including the original Flottweg hydraulic power pack with 105 KW motor and 2 pumps on it. Originally had a 1080DF Rotodiff, but it is gone. The rotating assembly has been reconditioned. It now has a spline shaft that accepts an SP 4.12 SIMP drive gearbox. 1995 vintage. Exclusive.
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