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Large stock of used industrial centrifuges
Sharples, Alfa-Laval, Westfalia, Western States, Dorr-Oliver, Ketema, Bird, Baker-Perkins, Krauss-Maffei, Tolhurst, Robatel, Flottweg, Heinkel, Humboldt, Broadbent, Ferrum, Veronesi, Mitsubishi, and more.


"Check Stock" Not Available
The "Check Stock" feature is unavailable. Please email your inquiry — or call (727) 773-0077 for immediate assistance.

Used centrifuges
All used centrifuges in stock are available "as-is" for immediate delivery. Prices are determined by condition and may be negotiable. They are 80-90% lower than comparable new machines, a great value.

Reconditioned centrifuges
Totally reconditioned and guaranteed used centrifuges can usually be provided at a cost savings of 50-60% versus that of identical new machines. And delivery time is a matter of weeks rather than many months. We design a workscope custom-tailored to meet your needs, which insures the lowest price and the greatest degree of customer satisfaction.

Centrifuge Leasing and Rentals
Leasing contracts are available for up to 100% of the purchase price, subject to credit approval within 48 hours. Rentals are NOT available.

Oilfield centrifuges
We now supply BRAND NEW decanter centrifuges on oilfield skids. Check out photos and specifications by clicking here. These are made in North America and can be used in drilling mud, wastewater treatment, rendering and any other decanter application. NEW 500 barrel Frac Tanks available - see item #6645.

NO Lab centrifuges
We supply industrial centrifuges only. Lab centrifuges, including benchtop, test tube, medical and refrigerated models, are NOT available. Try sci-bay or lab trader or dove bid or ebay

Personal Service
As a small, dynamic company, Sanders Equipment is able to offer personal service and extra effort. Each customer is a VIP to us; nothing is more important than listening carefully to you and providing a helpful response.

You deal directly with the owner — who has the authority to make a decision. I promise you speedy replies and knowledgeable recommendations. Should a problem arise, I will handle it personally.

As a used centrifuge dealer who has been immersed in this business since 1987, I derive tremendous satisfaction from helping people like you achieve their separation and career goals.

Email now and let's get started. Sincerely, Bill Sanders

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