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Decanter Centrifuges on Oilfield Skids

SE800 Centrifuge
SE1000 Centrifuge
SE2000 Centrifuge

The SE1000 is ideal for many types of industries with process volumes of 1.3 m3/min of H2O. The SE1000 features an 18.5" x 50" (470mm x 1270mm) stainless steel rotating assembly driven by a 60 HP Marathon Explosion Proof motor.


  • The F-7 Yaskawa Variable Speed Drive
  • All controls are readily accessible to the operator
  • Integrated keypad LCD readout allows the operator to control the main drive, back drive and pump drive separately through a series of easy to use commands and computer prompts
  • Individual gauges for speed and unit torque allow for easy monitoring
  • Drive is housed in a steel weather-proof cabinet and positioned for safe operator useage

Feed Pump

  • Heavy duty Gorman Rupp Pump
  • Centrifuge utilizes a 4" x 4", 20 HP Variable Speed Pump Drive specifically manufactured to deliver large volumes of abrasive solids to the centrifuge


  • Unit uses an SA44 gearbox
  • 80 to 1 reduction ratio
  • Planetary system gearbox is a proven standard for the centrifuge industry


  • Has a rated flow capacity of 343 gallons per minute (1300 litres per minute) using water
  • Capable of producing 2617 G’s at 3200 rpm
  • Low amperage draw during start up and changes to rpm during operation mode due to Variable Frequency Drive (VFD)
  • Precision balanced auger and bowl assembly producing vibration free performance and longer operational service
  • VFD allows for speed changes of the centrifuge and feed pump during operation to achieve optimum performance
  • Available adjustable stand allows for proper operational centrifuge height
    that enhances solids and liquid gravity discharge
  • Stellite wear liners used in all high wear areas such as solids discharge
    ports and feed nozzles

SE1000 Centrifuge Specifications



in 3352mm


in 1519mm


in 1217mm


lbs 3400kg


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